What is this all about?

I’m a Christian. I’m interested in politics. I love sports. I’m new at blogging. I have opinions. Let’s see how this goes. For a while now I have struggled with the prospect of writing a blog and that all it entails. Does the world really need another blogger? Will my voice make a difference? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not the point. The point is that I am a vessel for God and it is not my voice that needs to be heard. At the end of the day this blog should not be about me (though the word I pops up a lot in this introductory post) it should be about God. It is His voice that should be heard across the globe. So let me introduce myself and share more on why I have decided to start answer the call to share opinions on current events with a Christian worldview.

My name is Chuck Schober and I am a 22 year old Christian who has graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in political science and is currently pursuing a career in professional soccer (football for my European friends). I love 80s music, jam to old Taylor Swift songs, enjoy a good prank, support Manchester City and all of the Dallas sports teams, and  I occasionally binge eat Oreos and ice cream at the same time. I love food, FIFA (the video game not the corrupt entity that controls professional soccer), a good beer, taking naps, walking around the house in my underwear, and working out. I can get emotional but mostly I am pretty calm and level headed. I love to offer advice, comfort others, stop a bully, and love on people. Also, I am a sinner and a hypocrite. I don’t always love my neighbor. I can be judgmental, become angry quickly, speak harshly, and in general not be like Jesus. That’s who I am and sometimes it is a struggle. But thankfully I am saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9) and will enjoy eternity in heaven with my heavenly Father. For more about me, see the about me page.

That leads me to the purpose of this blog. I touched on it a bit earlier but basically it is this: as a Christian I am tasked with spreading the gospel to the world (Matthew 28:19-20), by using the gifts God has given me, and the 140 characters on Twitter and the lack of tactfulness of Facebook just weren’t cutting it anymore. I was in need of a space where I could address the issues of today, or the random thoughts in my head, and type out a logical and thought out post. Can you really fit an in depth opinion on anything in 140 characters and be fully understood? Can you site facts and provide examples there as well? I say no. I’ll use Twitter to tell you I just made the best dinner (I make mean chicken tacos) or share an inspiring quote. But to share my opinion on why I think American politics have alienated the American people and how this impacts Christians I’ll need more time, effort, and a few more characters. I want to share an opinion or raise questions that are created and formed from doing research, thinking critically, and then sharing them with the world. Not only that, but I want to create a discussion or argument that is rooted in love and understanding. Too often posts or rants are filled with anger, rage, and are pushing some political agenda. My only agenda is to glorify God. That is done by thinking before speaking and speaking with love and understanding not hate and pride. For years I have been doing that with the people I meet. I have had so many face to face, in depth conversations that I have lost count. To me those are the best. Nothing beats talking with someone in person. Unfortunately it’s hard to have a quality conversation with a lot of people in one day. Thus I finally answered God’s call to put my thoughts on this thing called the internet.

This brings me to a critical piece of my first post? blog? share? Pretty sure it’s blog post actually. Anyway, I want to assure anyone the reads this that I will do my absolute best to have accurate research, site my sources, and present an informed opinion. Honestly there are few things worse than an opinion that is formed without any effort to obtain information. While there is nothing wrong with being ignorant because the facts were unavailable, there is everything wrong with choosing to stay ignorant by not bothering to look up the facts. That being said, if for any reason, I say something that is not true, please comment and correct me. I am going to admit I will have strong opinions and questions, but I am not opposed to admitting I erred in forming either of those. I will try to know my information as much as possible but I don’t have contacts everywhere to give me the best information available. So if I’m wrong, or you disagree, let me know and I would love to talk it out. Heck I might even change my opinion if I learn new information. I am not afraid to lay down my pride and admit that I was wrong or off base. (Quick note on sources. For any bible references I will put them in parenthesis immediately after the reference and link them to a bible site. For all other references I will use footnotes.)

In closing, I would sum up the purpose of my blog as being this: to put forth a unique opinion on a variety of subjects so as to lovingly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. I am a follower of Christ yet I do not live in that ever present Christian bubble. Over the years I have lived with people from 10 countries and numerous faiths, attended public school, attended some crazy parties, played on teams where I was the only Christian, and had a promotional job for Moet Hennessy. As a child I was taught to love others and put them before myself, listen twice as much as I talk, admit I was wrong, think before I speak, have manners, love those who hate me, and most importantly of all glorify God in everything that I do. I strive to do each and every one of those things daily. I feel like all those experiences and morals make me different from many others. I’m uniquely me. I love sinners (after all I am one too) and hate the sin. That is something that is rarely differentiated in our culture today. That’s all to say that my opinion will not be found in a viral video, in a Facebook rant, or behind a hashtag. It is unique and inspired by my love of God, love of others, and my calling to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My blog will be written with love. I will talk about all kinds of things from real world application of bible verses to how I think people abuse their civil rights. It is my prayer that you will join me on this journey, and perhaps share with your family and friends, as I post the thoughts of a Christian living out his calling.



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