Who I am

I am a sinner who found a savior. Now I want others to know the love, peace, joy, grace, and mercy that I know, and to have a relationship with the man who made it all possible: Jesus Christ. His death on the cross saved me, continues to save me, and will save me in the future. Because of this I am an adopted child of God and nothing can change that. When I decided to call myself a Christian I gave up more than my Sunday mornings, I gave up my heart. My heart is now His. All of me is His. I have surrendered in such a way that the life I now live is not my own, but it is the one that He has laid out for me (Ephesians 2:10). To some this is crazy, but to me it is comforting. Nothing can touch me. Life will throw me hardships and struggles, but through it all I will lean on Christ. Without Him I am nothing. Yet in Him I am everything. That is me. Charles Dean Schober, sinner made saint through God’s sacrifice of His only son so that I might have a relationship and everlasting life (John 3:16).

Well yeah that is me. I could have summed it up saying that I am a Christian, but not many people really know what that means (there will be a post on that for sure). Yeah, for me being a Christian is intense and a daily challenge of seeking Jesus instead of seeking the evil one. Of course I have a life with Christianity. I mean could I really be a monk and live in the mountains my whole life? Not me personally. God did not wire me for that. Instead he wired me for sports, politics, video games, food, hard work, people, opinions, debates, and evangelism. God used those passions to shape my life in ways I never thought possible.

On the outside my life has not been what many people would say is hard. I grew up in a loving family where I was not spoiled but was never short of food or clothes for school. While I was not a superstar athlete I held my own and found decent success. I went to public school and excelled in the classroom but often struggled socially. Eventually that changed and I found myself comfortable around people and with numerous friend circles. As I got older politics interested me, and I developed a dream of being a lawyer after I had career as a professional soccer player. Both of these dreams led me to Dallas Baptist University where I got a degree in Political Science and was a 3 year starter at goalkeeper. From there I moved to Spain to pursue a career in professional soccer and that is where I am now. It seems like everything went from okay to great with ease. But that could not be further from the truth. I had struggles I didn’t know Christians could have. At some points I was a person that I thought only non-Christians could be. I was a white washed tomb, all pretty and clean on the outside but often torn up and rotten on the inside. At the time, being that way sucked. I was fake. Yet that struggle turned me into who I am today. Sometimes people ask if I could change one part of my life what would it be? I always answer the same. I would not change a thing. Each and every event has shaped me into the man I am today. Just because something was terrible at the time, does not mean it will not benefit me in the future. Those high school break ups? Yeah they sucked but I learned something. All those injuries in sports? They were worse, but now I can help others through the pain. If my suffering works for the glory of God then there is no need to go back and change anything.

That is a teeny tiny bit about me and who I am. In case you can’t tell I really don’t like to talk about myself, my accomplishments, or really who I am outside of Christ because I really don’t know. I mean I am sure others could describe me but I can’t really describe myself other than to say what I have already said and maybe these lists of my likes and dislikes. I love Jesus, sports, people, loving people, video games, my family, movies, and other stuff that most average dudes like. I spend my free time wasting time on social media, taking naps, eating, or just hanging with my friends. I drink but don’t party hard. I really don’t like being poked or tickled randomly, aka rain hitting my skin annoys me and so does a bug crawling on me. I get along with people who love to goof off like me yet I think there is a time and a place for everything so I’m mature when needed. While not many people would classify my wardrobe a chic or in style, I do love having a strong sock game and I love to get dressed up in a suit and tie. (Going to a black tie event is high on my bucket list). I’m afraid of heights. Well not really the heights part it is mostly the idea that if I fall eventually I’ll hit the ground and that will not end well. That goes along well with my biggest fear, dying young. I would not want to put others through that plus I mean come on I want to enjoy life.

Okay so maybe I can talk about my likes and dislikes but that is not really who I am. I am a Christian and that drives everything. It is why I love my enemies and care for the sick. Pretty much being a Christian is everything. Hopefully, my posts will reveal more details about exactly who I am as a person as I tell stories about my life and share my opinions. Sorry to disappoint those who were hoping this page would be a full autobiography but I’m just not great at talking about myself (outside how I love Nutella but dislike carrots). Maybe one day I will be. Oh one more thing before I close. I feel like this is a big part of who I am and says a lot about me… I am dog person.

Hope you have liked this page and I look forward to sharing more about myself in the future.




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  2. Matthew Buckwalter · September 23, 2015

    Excited to read your blog. I know you will help lots of people including myself as you are a great Godly man!


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